Personal Challenge Activities




P1 - Archery

Practice target shooting with bow and arrow






P2 - Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand / sit on a paddle board to paddle around the lake.






P3 - Kayaking

Learn to paddle in kayak together with your partner. 






P4 - Ninja Warrior

Need to cross over and pass all the 10 obstacle in the given time. 



Team-building Activities




T1 - Field Games

Campers need to work together in team to complete a series of challenges.








T2 - Spider Web

Campers are trapped in the spider web, and they need to escape from the area without touching the 'web'.








T3 - 8-feet Wall

Campers need to help the team to cross over the wall with a height of more than 1 person.






T4 - BHF Race

Scavenge for 6 stations around the campsite. Complete the tasks and collect items for the last challenge -- to build fire and cook Milo till it is boiled, and of course, enjoy drinking the Milo after all the hard work given together!







T5 - Raft Building

Build a floating raft with given equipment and test your raft in the lake.








T6 - Extreme Survivor

A more challenging race that consist of 6 stations and missions to complete. Get clues throughout the race that helps you to build a raft in the end!

Extreme Activities










X1 - Rock Climbing

An off-site activity for campers to experience climbing on a natural rock surface.












X2 - Tubing

An off-site water activity in which camper will sit on a floating tube and flow along the stream to the end point.












X3 - Abseiling

Have you ever seen a fire brigade abseil down from building? Now you can experience abseiling at a waterfall of around 15 meters in height! 

Morning Activity







M1 - Morning Walk

There is a saying, "Early bird catches the worm". The early risers will get to follow our guides to hike up a neighboring mountain, leading to a prayer sanctuary called YAHOPFAN. Besides experiencing the peace and tranquility, visitors get the panoramic view of the valley and lush green mountains. The walk will take approximately 30 minutes.