Personal Challenge

P1 - Farm Tour

Visit stations around the farm, learn about the vegetation and feed the farm animals.

P2 - Archery

Practice target shooting with bow and arrow.

P3 - Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand / sit on a paddle board and paddle around the lake.

Team Building Activity

T1 - Leaking Pipe

Campers need to work together to fill up a pipe which is full of holes.

T2 - 8ft Wall & Spider Web

8ft Wall - Campers need to work together to fill up a pipe which is full of holes.

Spider Web - Campers need to escape from inside of the spider web without touching the rope.

T3 - Survival Race

Scavenge for 6 stations around the campsite. Complete the tasks and collect an item. After collecting all 6 items, campers will need to build fire and cook Milo till it is boiled. Campers can then enjoy drinking their Milo after hard work together.

T4 - Raft Building

Build a floating raft with given equipment and paddle around the lake.

Extreme Activities

E1 - Rock Climbing

An off-site activity for campers to climb on a natural rock surface.

E2 - Tubing

An off-site activity at the river. Camper will sit on a tube and flow along the stream to the end point.

Morning Activity

Morning Walk

Early birds catch the worms.  It is very true for Happy Farm.  The early risers will get to follow our guides to hike up a neighboring mountain, leading to a prayer sanctuary called YAHOPFAN.  Besides experiencing the peace and tranquility, visitors get the panaromic view of the valley and lush green mountains.  The walk will take approximately 30 minutes.