Mini Zoo

BHF has a range of farm animals:

  1. Rabbit Farm – these adorable animals that most people have as pets are a favorite, as visitors get to feed, carry and pet them. They multiply quite quickly and chances are you will get to carry newborn baby rabbits in your hands.
  2. Chicken Farm – no farm is complete without chickens. Although confined in their chicken coups, they are always happy munching on their feed or hiding in the pen.  Visitors will get to collect freshly laid eggs while listening to the soft purring.
  3. Duck and Goose Farm – these are a delight to watch as they move about the compound in herds. From time to time, they dip into the pond to play.
  4. Goat Farm – BHF has about 130 goats, most of them are of the Boer breed.  These are mainly raised for meat purposes.  The goats weigh about 20-40kg and are available for sale.  Visitors to the farm will get to visit the Goat house feeding the goats and interacting with them. Visitors will also get a chance to extract milk from the Saanen goats which has huge milking capacities. They are friendly and adorable. 

Prawn Farm

Adjacent to BHF is a facility for rearing fresh water prawns. Patrons are invited to visit and learn how prawn farmers look after these crawly creatures. Visitors will be treated to a show of how the farmers spread their nets and fetch their catch. For the brave ones, they can even hold the long claws for a memorable selfie.