Our Team

Help us save Africa's Pride and protect the King of the Jungle As troubling as it is, the rarer these trophy hunted animals become, the more hunters are willing to pay to kill them—like the American hunter who recently paid $350,000 to kill a critically endangered black rhino in Namibia. End the…

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Accommodation 1)How many person can stay in a room? =We have 2 types of chalet which are 4 bedded and 8 bedded. For dormitories we have 6 bedded, 8 bedded and 10 bedded room. 2)Does your room have queen sized beds? = We do not have queen size bed but…

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Bentong Happy Farm


Bentong Happy Farm is the place for everyone, whether young or old, whether you are looking for peace and tranquillity or action and education, we have something to offer to bring you closer to communities and nature.

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