Bentong Happy Farm captures the spirit and beauty of the Chamang area with crisp country air, lush green forest and scenic mountain views.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are our basic principles at Bentong Happy Farm.

At Bentong Happy Farm, our 60-acre area not only produces veggies by honoring nature’s rhythms and cycles, but also provides various outdoor recreations and activities to create a happy outdoor experience. 


Our Story


Bentong Happy Farm is a leisure farm combine with outdoor recreation activity that promotes and healthy farming practices, which will lead to healthy bodies and sustainable communities while protecting the environment.  Nestled in an agricultural zone of Chamang, Bentong, the farm benefits from a perfectly green surrounding of rolling hills and living organism.

The farm was started sometime in 2013 when some parts of the land were made available to people of difficult backgrounds to plant and grow food.  Soon they became good at the farming techniques and are able to support their families with food and shelter.  At Bentong Happy Farm, we provide platforms to partner with those willing to work hard and break the poverty cycle.  (link to Kuna Story)

Bentong Happy Farm is also a working farm that showcases conventional planting vegetables through means as well as other more advance techniques such as Aquaponics.  Nothing is this farm is wasted – even the animal wastes are used for making rich compost.  Visitors will get to walk through the vegetable garden beds and even harvest the vegetables themselves.  The farm pride itself with fully-equipped modern ‘Fertigation’ system producing large volumes of vegetables at low costs for local wholesale market.

In the quest for promoting the farm experience, we have built 60 air-conditioned chalets and common pavilions for groups of all sizes from small families to large organisations.  Not only will visitors get to stay and experience a serene farm life, they will also get to participate in many outdoor farm activities.  There are also supporting conference facilities catering to functions and meetings.

The farm is perfectly located in Chamang village, which is about 10 minutes from the city of Bentong, Pahang, an increasingly popular city for Eco and Agro-tourism.

Bentong Happy Farm is the place for everyone, whether young or old, whether you are looking for peace and tranquility or action and education, bringing you closer to nature.

Our Vision

" Create a FUN and safe as campers gain both technical skills like outdoor living and social skill set like learning to thrive in community "

Our Mission

" REFRAMING outdoor EXPERIENCES which EMPOWER participants with skills needed to intimately CONNECT with nature. "

Our Goals

We at Bentong Happy Farm aims to promote Better Living practices in three (3) distinct areas:-

Better Living for families and communities:

  • Promoting healthy living
  • Eating good and nutritional food
  • Resting both physically and mentally
  • Relax and recharge to face the challenges ahead
  • Exercising our bodies leading to good health
  • Bringing families and communities together, enhancing communication, teamwork and bonding

Better Living for the poor:

  • Providing a platform for them to work and earn a living
  • Training in skills and entrepreneurship
  • Networking to build successful supply chain
  • Linking support with Ministry of Agriculture
  • Empowering through mentorship and encouragement

Better Living through sustainable agriculture:

  • Promoting farming methods
  • Practice composting using locally available resources
  • Raise bed and no-till planting
  • Vermicomposting instead of chemicals
  • bitter spray instead of insecticides and herbicides
  • Water and energy conservation
  • Planting instead of felling of trees


Our Happy Team

Our Happy Team is always ready to serve your needs.

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Bentong Happy Farm Team