1)How many person can stay in a room?

=We have 2 types of chalet which are 4 bedded and 8 bedded. For dormitories we have 6 bedded, 8 bedded and 10 bedded room.

2)Does your room have queen sized beds?

= We do not have queen size bed but we can combine the single bed for you.

3)Can a group of 6 pax stay at 4 bed chalet?

= Can give extra mattress with additional charges per mattress.

4)Your campsite can accommodate how many people?

= Our dormitories can accommodate 50 pax while chalet can accommodate 272 pax.

5)Does your campsite provide toiletries?

= No, please bring your own.

Booking Arrangement

6)Can we have the price for your packages?

=You can email to admin@bentonghappyfarm.com for further information and we will send you the packages detail.

7)May I know what is the different between package B and package C?

= Package B is for student, family etc , package C is for corporate group which is company and agency. Therefore, the price and activity are different.

8)What is included in your package?

=Accommodation, 3 meals and activities (if choose activity) for overnight package.

9)Any special price for senior citizen?

=Senior citizen price will pay the same as the adult price.

10)How to confirm our booking?

=Booking less than RM3.5k is RM1k or the full payment, booking more than RM3.5k is 30%.

11)Full payment need to be make within how many days?

= Full payment need to be made 14 days before the event.


12)How many hall do you have?

=We have 2 types of hall which is a seminar hall that can occupied 60 pax and Jubliee hall that can occupied 200 pax.

13)Does your campsite has air-cond?

=Yes air-cond is available in the chalet, dormitories and hall.

14)We can use the hall until what time?

= The hall usage is from 9am until 11 pm due to noise curfew.

15)Is your campsite disabled friendly?

= No.

16)Does your hall comes with PA system and projector?

= Yes.

17)Is heater available at shower?

= Yes.


18)What kind of food do you serve?

=1 meat, 1 fish, 1 vege, 1 egg, fruit (dinner only), drink

19)Do you serve vegetarian food?

=Yes we do serve vegetarian food, any special dietary requirement need to list down for us and we will try the best to fit the requirement.

20)Can we cook by our own?

=Yes, you can cook by your own but you need to bring your own cooking tools because we don’t provide it, and the package price is comes with meal so it will be the same.

21)Can we change the first lunch to the last day before check out?

=Yes, we can do but need to inform us before 48 hours.


22)Is there an age limit for tubing and rock climbing? (better to give suitable age range)

= Yes, the age range is 13 years old to 55 years old.

23)Can you recommend to us what activity is suitable for kid (4 – 12 years old)?

=Yes, we can arrange field game for the kid.


24)What is the emergency contact number?

= 016-7744869

25)Is your staff around at night?

= Yes, full time staff are on-site during program days

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